Insect Accessory Collection – 2017

I love spring, I love the warmth and sunlight it brings, I wait for the richness of all new and colorful. With the green leaves in all shapes and the humming insects around the colorful and shining flower petals. This variety I found in the Silver Museum in Palazzo Pitti in Florence,Tuscany from the 15th-17th century; where the royalties carried their artisan beaded accessories as protected as the semi-precious stones, ivory, silver and gold treasures. These collections owned by families that ruled Tuscany: Medici and Lorraine families. The Italian art and culture often influence my work.

These items were also inspired by the trends that started to appear everywhere I looked. I couldn’t resist to start working on my own collection. I started to study the techniques and details from around the world combined with my imagination in autodidact way and after more than a half year, a bigger collection of accessories was born for the spring of 2017.

I built my own colors and style in each one of the items, they are completely different and unusual, which pleases me the most. I tried to combine couture and urban styles and techniques.