Mask Dance – 2018 –

A reflection of the mask heritage from around the world, represented with hand embroidery techniques. Stories, traditions that might be interesting for you.

I am combining famous and less known masks from the pyramids to the jungle. I think it is a good thing to step outside of our daily experiences and discover something new and interesting. There are diverse ways to understand people from different cultures and it is an exciting process. Each mask will be represented with hand embroidery and each design tends to be a bit different from another in form, presentation, color, material or technique. If you look at a mask, you certainly understand some basic information about the group of the people who used it and their culture: what colors were used, how intricate the design is, what kind of material it was made of.  You will see the diverse textures from the American continent until Australia, through Europe, Asia and Africa.

Cultural anthropology is one of the most interesting subject to talk about – the more you learn, the more you are able to understand. It is important motivation for tourism, sciences and our beliefs. I was trying to concentrate also on the UNESCO Heritage, which represents all over the world a list of projects, that support something with special cultural or physical significance.

In the same time I will feature some contemporary masks too.